Ceo ´s Greetings

GeoSystem Research Corporation values the life of human and nature.

Thank you for visiting the GeoSystem Research Corp. website.

Since our founding in 2000, we have steadfastly sought technological excellence and offered trustworthy service in the field of marine and freshwater sciences and engineering to contribute to sustainable environmental utilization and to help our clients’ dreams come true.

Celebrating our 20-year anniversary, we now dream together of an another 20 years in the midst of a revolutionary technology development. Our value will still remain in sustaining the life of our marine and freshwater environment, but we are now to approach to it with challenges we have never had before. Through these challenges together with our company’s most valuable human resources, we anticipate to enrich people’s lives by providing even more superior services that our clients ever trust.

We would like to express our appreciation and ask for continued support, encouragement, and love.

Thank you.

CEO Kyung-Il Chang