Department of Coastal Management

Video Monitoring

Major Services
  • Analysis of tidal data and Extraction of coastline data with tidal levels
  • Grasping long-term changes of coastlines including seasonal characteristic
  • Grasping short-term changes of coastlines by typhoon, high wave, etc.
  • Grasping changes of area based on data of the beach width variation
  • Provision of quantitative erosion and deposition data through long-term monitoring of real time in major coastal erosion areas
  • Remote coastal management & Public relations through the provision of real-time image
  • Establishment of coastal erosion monitoring system Ⅰ~Ⅴ (MOF, 2004~2007)
  • Establishment of coastal erosion monitoring system Ⅵ~Ⅶ (KHOA, 2008~2009)
  • Coastal erosion monitoring (MOF, 2010~2016)
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