Department of Coastal Management

Coastal Disaster vulnerability Assessment System(CDAS)

Major Services
  • Development of CDAS framework and index
  • Evaluation of CDAS
  • Setting a coastal disaster management line(Inundation management line, Erosion management line)
  • Establishment of structured/unstructured adaptation and countermeasures
  • Construction of user based GIS assessment system
  • System maintenance
  • Evaluation of future climatic change CDAS
  • Establishment of medium/long-term adaptation and countermeasures for future climatic changes
  • Real-time CDAS
Current status
  • Project Period : in 2010 ~ 2016(during past 7 years)
  • Setting a CDAS and its management line, adaptation and countermeasures
    - Develop objective and quantitative CDAS index according to disaster type based on various coastal information
      Construct GIS assessment system based on users,Construction of 141 coastal areas in Korea
      (1:25,000 standard of map quadrangles, coastline about 9,649km)
  • Case study on coastal disaster vulnerability
  • Field survey
  • The investigation of resident's response capability
  • Construction of coastal statistics database
  • Coastal disaster vulnerability assessment
  • Setting a coastal disaster vulnerability management line
  • Establishment adaptation and countermeasures
  • Planning of the coastal management area and coastal improved project
  • Establishment of comprehensive countermeasures against damage from storm and flood
  • Establishment of climate change adaptation
  • Establishment of basic plan for Coastal Disaster Vulnerability Assessment System & Pilot building (KHOA, 2010)
  • Construction of a coastal disaster vulnerability assessment system (KHOA, 2011~2013)
  • Construction of a coastal disaster vulnerability assessment system for the west coast (KHOA, 2014)
  • Construction of a coastal disaster vulnerability assessment system for the east coast (KHOA, 2015)
  • Maintenance of CDAS and Establishment of improvement plan of utilization (KHOA, 2016)
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